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Sunday, May 12, 2013

How To Look Beautiful In 10 Minutes Naturally

Modern women no longer have to get into corsets or crinolines huge drag around being fashionable. Still, makeup applications and meticulously choreographed elaborate costumes can make it difficult to choose between beauty and timeliness. Check out these time saving tips so you can look sexy without putting in the time.

1. Wear more dresses:  Instead of selecting a top and a bottom, just choose dresses and team complete without many accessories. Then you can add a jacket, shoes and some jewelry to complete the look in a matter of a few seconds.

2.Ditch the foundation: Liquid foundation, powder or markers do not have much of an impact on your appearance, and they tend to irritate delicate skin. No need to use a base on a daily basis. If exfoliate and moisturize regularly, the most you will need is a toner to get rid of redness. Foundation should only be used in events where you expect to be photographed and we must find defects.

3.Finding alternatives to shaving: Shaving actually only lasts up to three days before returning ugly stubble. A good waxed will cost you much more, but only need to use in the armpits and legs once or twice a week. Home wax strips are also a good alternative to shaving, especially if you have thick hair body. Be sure to exfoliate if

4.Put more time in your eyebrows: It may seem counterproductive, but it is necessary to have perfect eyebrows which make a big difference in how you look. You may realize you do not need mascara after filling in eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil in a shade just lighter than your natural brow color.

5.Wash your hair a few times a week: If you wash your hair every day, you are wasting your time drying and styling. Washing your hair every day also causes the follicles to produce more oil to compensate for stripped by shampoo. Skipping a few days really helps your hair becomes less fat in the long run. Second and third day hair is also easier to style and requires less product to stay in are waxing, shaving or using hair removal chemicals.

Whether you are working woman, going to school, care for children, or all three of them you may look attractive if you are able to remove the washers of time and focus on taking care of yourself in ways that gets in the sexy mood.

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