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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tips For Dry And Chapped lips

Chapped and dry lips are one of the most common problems that occur with cool weather. Often, even the most effective lip balms do not solve the problem.

As the skin dries during winter, your lips need intense hydration. Here are some tips you should consider, especially during the winter.

1. Protect : Use special moisturizers and conditioners creams which help to keep your lips soft and smooth. Before facing cold outside, apply balm or cream (opt for UV protection) and cover with a scarf.

2. Leave aggressive habits : Avoid using the tongue to moisten. Saliva promotes dryness and cracking of the lips. If you have this habit, avoid fabric softeners to reduce temptation.

3. Stay hydrated : The high fluid intake is important not only during the summer. Water, tea, soup will help moisturize. Also, opt for a room humidifier to get rid of dry air.

4. Avoid allergens : Irritating ingredients in cosmetics and care products (like perfumes or fragrances) can cause dry mouth.

5. Use your nose to mouth breathing : During winter you may be tempted  to breathe through your mouth, this habit can have a negative impact on the lips, encouraging them dry.

6. Deficiency of vitamin B, iron and essential fatty acids : Make sure your body does not lack these nutrients. Deficiencies can cause drying and cracking of the lips at the corners.

7. Eat foods rich in vitamin A : Vitamin A is essential for skin regeneration. Make sure your diet should not deprive the vitamin A-rich foods such as carrots, tomatoes and whole grains.

It is  recommend: Natural remedies have been proven over the years. Follow the most popular remedies below.

1. Honey is the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips and this is because of moisturizing properties. Apply some honey on the lips before bed and you will be pleasantly surprised in the morning.

2. Extra virgin olive oil is a good moisturizer for the lips.

3. Aloe Vera is especially effective in treating dry or chapped lips from excessive exposure to sunlight. Use the gel extracted directly from plants or pure aloe vera gel in pharmacies.

4. Shea Butter is highly moisturizing and nourishing, use it to massage chapped lips.

Warning! If home treatments will not be effective followed calls a doctor. Although rare, dry and cracked lips can announce a serious health problem.

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